Plastic Sprinkler Nozzle

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Our product is a Plastic Sprinkler Nozzle. It's watering automatic plant watered by spot watering only exactly where needed, making your drip system great for saving water in drought conditions. Sprinkler head and DC head, with a small hole, the water evenly, to facilitate control of water. It will be fun for all kids to play in. It's an easy inexpensive way for kids to have fun outdoors. It Sprays or Pours 2 head working mode Flower spout sprinkles water gently and evenly like rain pouring spout directly pours a focused flow of water to the root. Squeeze the water bottle and voilà a gentle rain of water will fall and water your bonsai or seedlings.

  • Watering which simply screws on to old plastic bottles, Provides delicate and directional watering, Perfect for seeds and seedlings, Household simple cap type sprinkler head PP material.
  • You can use the existing bottle in your home as a watering can.


  • Condition: 100% Brand New
  • Material: Plastic