Hi-Tech Bone Conduction Earphone - Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Outdoor Sport Headset


Why choose our bone conduction Bluetooth headphones?

  • The latest Bluetooth 5.0 technique completely offers freedom of movement.
  • Our VJJB bone conduction headphones work by vibrations, sound transmits via cheekbones to your cochlear, which avoids hearing impairment compared to ordinary earphones.
  • Unlike traditional headphones, they will block your surrounding sound more or less, so you may expose in danger while you're running or cycling.

Product Description: 

one Conduction Headphones are designed to transmit sound through vibrations in the human release both ears and help people with hearing loss.

The Bone Conduction Headphones using Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection, don't need to cram in-ear, you can hear the music and answer the phone, and your ears can hear the sound of the surrounding, very safe.

Bone Conduction Headphones are sturdy and sweatproof, suitable for running, cycling, fitness, hiking, rock climbing, and driving. Antiperspirant Design can protect the ear.

Built-in 200 milliampere lithium battery takes two hours to be fully charged standby for 7 days listen to music or answer the phone for 5 hours, connection distance is about 10m.

The Manin Features of the Product:

A New Concept of Earphone Design: 

Pursue quality of life has become a social normal behavior. The emergence of bone conduction headphones has brought a new concept, the non-in-ear design is different from the traditional. And it is not easy to fall off when you wear it.

Premium Audio + Superior Sound Quality:
The bone conduction earbuds can be used through connecting the Bluetooth on the phone,then you can listen music、call with others and so on. It will with a high sound quality stereo.

Ears-Free Design:
The sports bone conduction headsets are sweatproof. Due to the Ears-Free design, you can notice the surroundings when listening to music or radio.

Elegant Shape:
The design inspiration of shape is from a swan,it looks like a leisurely swan when it placed on a flat surface!

You can wear sport headphones when exercising,driving,resting,relaxing playing and playing other activities, it is very firm and won't drop off from your ears!

Titanium Nickel Memory: 
Bone conduction earbuds with Titanium-Nickel Memory Alloy which has a bending life more than 15,000 times and it will return to the original shape no matter how you fold the back part

Premium Material: 
Soft grade adhesive design for food-grade imports and wear for a long time without pain!

One-click multi-purpose: 
The button of earbuds can pause/play music, switch the song and answer/finish the phone, etc.

More Details:

You can answer phone calls with a single click, free your hands from busy things and the ears will not be painful.


  1. USB fast charging port.
  2. Volume ON/OFF physical button.
  3. LED indicator.


  1. One-click to Answer/ End/ Play/ Pause and Long Press to Reject a call.
  2. Double click to switch songs.

The true suspension section uses a silicone-coated titanium alloy wire that supports 360° bending.

The lightweight and ergonomic design make you feel more comfortable. Small and easy to carry.

Enjoy music or answer phone in running, cycling, driving, office, etc. You can listen to the world around you and your music simultaneously.

Advanced Bone Conduction Technology:

The latest version of Bluetooth bone conduction headphones, using high-quality materials, the latest version of the Bluetooth chip, and in line with the safety fit design. It is the ideal Bluetooth headset for sports.

What's in the box?

  • 1 * Wireless bone conduction headphones
  • 1 * USB charging cable
  • 1 * Instruction manual
  • 2 * Earplugs


  • Bluetooth version: V 5.0
  • Bluetooth connection range: 33 ft
  • Speaker type: bone conduction
  • Speaker sensitivity: 100± 3 db
  • Microphone sensitivity: -40±3 db
  • Weight: 36 g

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