LED Digital USB Microscope

Ships From
as phone B3 1000X
as phone A 1600X
as phone B2 500X
as phone B1 1600X


The handheld USB microscope camera is made of high-quality IC and electronic components, with clear picture quality, low power consumption, high resolution, applies to small objects for a larger photo and video production, it is the best choice detecting small objects. Adjustable illumination of the inspection area, which is good for any inspection environment, and makes sure the magnified images are clear and bright still image capture high resolution.
It Powered by USB, this digital microscope is good quality for educational purposes, skin examination, hair examination, plant dissecting / testing, textile inspection, jewelry inspection, collections/coin Inspection, printing inspection, PCB or PCBA Inspection and so on.

  • 8 LEDs, strong brightness, clearer
  • Professional, more versatile, can be applied to laboratory research, electronic components, jewelry identification, etc.
  • USB, more convenient to connect the computer Portable, lightweight and easy to use.


  • Support Phone System: win10 Maclinux\ some Android phones
  • Feature: the suction cup can be sucked in any plane
  • Pixel: 30W interpolation to 200W pixels
  • Static Resolution: 1600 1200
  • Video resolution: 640 480
  • Features: High Definition
  • Magnification: 0 1600x
  • Drawtube: Other
  • Material: Other
  • Theory: Other