Natural Linen Cotton Acupuncture Mats +Pillow

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blue two pieces
Purple three sets
purple mat
purple pillow
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blue pillow


Does your back or neck feel stiff and painful? Oftentimes, it is the lack of circulation that causes the pain in these parts of your body. This acupuncture mat triggers pressure points in the body with its thousands of strategically placed pricks to promote blood circulation, relieve stress & aches, and ease muscle tension. Some acupressure mats feel hard against your body and can cause some discomfort. But our acupressure massage mat comes with points that are gentle against your body to offer a massaging effect without the discomfort and pain. You will feel total relaxation.

    • The best gift choice for friends and family, and the best choice for fitness massage.
    • It can be brought anywhere you want as it is lightweight and portable.
    • It can be used for full body massage.


  • Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
  • Material: Composite Material
  • Style 1: Acupressure Mat
  • Size of cushion: 62*38*2
  • Size of pillow: 29.5*14*6
  • Style 2: Body Massager
  • Application: Body
  • Color: Blue/Purple