Germicidal Disinfection Lamp

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This Lamp can purify the air and effectively improve your living environment. It allows you to remote control the wall; intelligent human body sensing function design. It has a bulb when it lit, will immediately have a special smell, it means it worked, this special smell comes from burnt harmful smalls by the UVC ray, just like in the summer sun. Its built-in automatic safety switch when the rotating germicidal lamp tube faces upward in the working state, the ultraviolet light is automatically turned off.

  •  Widely suitable for living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, school, hospital, hotel and so on.
  • You can control the light by remote control and set time.
  • The use of ultraviolet light removes bacteria from covering household items.


  • Luminous Flux: Portable
  • Item Type: Ultraviolet Lamps
  • Features: destroys, bacteria and other microorganisms
  • Portable Disinfection Lam: Home, Office Travel Ultraviolet
  • UV Household Clamshell: Handheld Light Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamp